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User Experience Day

Through the introduction of new products and actual customer experience, we engage in all-round in-depth communication with you to provide you with in-depth understanding of our company and construction solutions.

Depth customized construction solutions

We have the hardware and software resources as well as the accumulated construction experience for many years. In order to provide efficient and in-depth customized construction solutions, we work together.

Advisory Sales

The demand for differentiated construction is always there. We will fully assist you in the optimization of equipment selection and help you to optimize the value of your equipment.

The best transportation

In order to meet your needs, we will provide professional transport door-to-door service, and provide first-time installation and delivery training services for each product.

Timely delivery of spare parts

Thousands of spare parts centers spread over five continents and nearly one billion yuan in professional spare parts. We promise that spare parts will be delivered to you as soon as possible

Awesome Services

We have established a complete GPS Global Service Center to provide you with proactive and intelligent housekeeper services through the Internet of Things platform.